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Again always look for distress among your components. A variable resistance is connected across the ADJ pin of the regulator. Because you are unlikely to want much in excess of 15V D. Check out the Amazon Electronic Component Packs page.

Bench power supply

I have restricted my search to types of plug packs of around about 15V A. No HTML knowledge required; even the technophobes can do it. LM is a variable voltage regulator with 3 pins monolithic integrated circuit shown below. You could substitute a dedicated bridgerectifier but once over the 1A rating the next size up is 10A and becoming expensive. Do not cut and paste bits and pieces of diagrams late at night How the variable bench power supply works Now the basic theory is this. Likewise C3 and C4 both solid or tag tantalum are recommended for improved performance and as close as possible to the respective terminals. To accomodate all that you need a case of sufficient width and depth. The fuse holder essential is mounted on the back along with the input socket. Again always look for distress among your components. If we allow R1 to become ohms and substituting the values into the equation above we get: Figure 3 - final calculations - voltage out formula Which of course is what we set out to do. Now one of the heartaches I have here is that inevitably, to derive the necessary voltage it must originate from the mains supply, either V or V A. Take that or look at the online version. If you use either remember to observe polarities. You will also need assorted nuts, bolts and washers as well.

Largely a question of convenience versus budget. There have been many times I have had to "smoke test" a project. A smoothing capacitor which acts as a filter is used to remove unwanted current Ripples.

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An input bypass capacitor C2 0. LM is used as a voltage regulator. Any voltage rating of 50V and up is OK but3A is the minimum current rating.

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How to Make Variable Power Supply Circuit With Digital Control