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As of 6th April , the Local Planning Authority LPA is responsible for ensuring that sustainable drainage systems should be provided unless demonstrated to be inappropriate with the Lead Local Flood Authority LLFA providing technical guidance and acting as a statutory consultee. An application is always required for changes of use involving amusement centres, theatres, scrap yards, petrol stations, car showrooms, taxi and car hire businesses, and hostels. Yes, a planning application fee may be payable. It is important that a local planning authority does not impose unnecessarily onerous requirements on developers, and does not seek to replicate the planning application system. The Secretary of State will consider each application for consent from a local authority on its merits, and all arguments are taken into account before a decision is made but directions may only be given if it is necessary to protect the amenity of the locality. Will your business involve any activities unusual in a residential area? Paragraph: Reference ID: Revision date: 28 07 Is planning permission required for on-farm reservoirs? In considering either a prior approval application or a full planning application for the development of on-farm reservoirs, planning authorities should have regard to the increasing need for sustainability, importantly including the careful management of water, the benefits water storage adds in the sustainability of the farming activity and the contribution that it can also make to flood alleviation. If you have any further queries about planning, you can speak to the Duty Planning Officer between 10am and 1pm, Monday to Friday see contact details below, or in person at Mansion House. Points that will be looked at include: Number, size, layout and external appearance of buildings Proposed means of access, landscaping and impact on the neighbourhood Availability of infrastructure, such as roads and water supply How the proposed use of the development relates to the locality Extending existing premises Minor extensions of existing premises, including additional buildings within the site, may not need a planning application if development is permitted under Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning General Permitted Development Amendment Order However, if you are proposing to change the use of a premises or land, you should always seek advice from the local planning authority to confirm whether planning permission is required or not. Others allow change of use development, but only for temporary periods of time. Once the business or non-residential use of the property ceases to be ancillary to its use as a single dwelling because, for example, the business has grown and the use of the dwelling for business use has intensified, a material change of use for which planning permission is required is likely to have taken place. Paragraph: Reference ID: Revision date: 06 03 What is an article 4 direction? For example, if by renting out spaces, it causes a notable public or neighbour nuisance.

Provided that there is justification for both its purpose and extent, an article 4 direction can: cover an area of any geographic size, from a specific site to a local authority-wide area remove specified permitted development rights related to operational development or change of use remove permitted development rights with temporary or permanent effect Paragraph: Reference ID: Revision date: 06 03 When is it appropriate to use article 4 directions?

Paragraph: Reference ID: Revision date: 06 03 What are the procedures for making an article 4 direction? Yes, a planning application fee may be payable.

This depends on when development commences and whether there is a community levy charge in place.

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The likelihood of a material change of use taking place may be indicated where the business or non residential use generates visitors, traffic, noise or fumes over and above what might be expected if the property were in use as a single dwelling without any ancillary use. Circumstances where polytunnels can play an important role include to provide protection for plants or young livestock, to secure improved quality produce and to extend the growing season to provide greater opportunity for home grown produce.

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These may be developed under existing agricultural permitted development rights, such as Class A of Part 6 of Schedule 2 to the Town and Country Planning General Permitted Development England Order , which set out the thresholds for excavation and mineral working where reasonably necessary for agricultural purposes. Working from home You do not necessarily need planning permission to work from home. Some permitted development rights are also in place for a limited period of time; these are set out in the relevant Parts in Schedule 2 to the General Permitted Development Order. Farm shops are often developed as part of farm diversification schemes which can enhance the sustainability of the farm business and benefit the local community. Businesses can check informally with planning services whether a proposed development needs planning permission. Trafford Council has published a number of Supplementary Planning Guidance documents including information for takeaways, shop fronts and advertisements. Will your business result in a marked rise in traffic or people calling? If it is not clear whether works are covered by permitted development rights, it is possible to apply for a lawful development certificate for a legally binding decision from the local planning authority. Where development is commenced after 6 April and a charging schedule is in place, they would be liable to pay a charge. If you are considering developing a farm shop you are likely to need planning permission. There are 2 possible routes for securing the planning permission, either through a permitted development right where applicable or by submitting a planning application. Under section 25B a local authority can direct that the right to short-term let without planning permission for up to 90 nights in a year is not to apply to particular residential properties or to residential premises situated in a specified area. External security shutters or grilles. Home-working does not necessarily require planning permission.

Paragraph: Reference ID: Revision date: 06 03 Is planning permission required to sub-divide a building? Where no specific procedure is provided in the General Permitted Development Order, local planning authorities have discretion as to what processes they put in place.

D2 Assembly and leisure - Cinemas, music and concert halls, bingo and dance halls but not night clubsswimming baths, skating rinks, gymnasiums or area for indoor or outdoor sports and recreations except for motor sports, or where firearms are used.

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