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Schnabel, Eckhard. Along its length lay important cities of Macedonia: Philippi, Apollonia, Amphipolis, and Thessalonica.

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The dash toward Phoenix following favorable light winds became a fourteen-day nightmare when gale-force winds drove the ship southwestward to the small island of Cauda. Germany: Peter Lang. Paul told his story publicly and nearly got flogged Acts The fact that many who practiced magic arts turned from their ways and repented shows that anyone can repent and be saved no matter their past.

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Be Sociable, Share! Once involved in the occult, the new believers at Ephesus burned their magic books. Paul, with Silas and Timothy, went through the regions of Phrygia and Galatia, then on to Troas Acts Paul received a vision calling him to Macedonia Acts , Paul embarked on a small trading vessel heading to home port at Adramyttium, a city on the northwest coast of Asia Minor. Paul next went to Antoch in Syria. At the Jerusalem conference, Peter championed salvation by grace apart from any human works, leading the Jerusalem apostles and elders to commend the ministry to the Gentiles unfettered by Jewish legal observance. Paul told his story publicly and nearly got flogged Acts

Nashville, Tenn. Risking everything, the crew set a course for the beach but ran aground on a reef, the ship breaking up under the pounding waves. According to data from the inscription, Gallio commenced his duties July 1, a. Whereas these attempts to outline the journeys of Paul should not be discounted, it seems more helpful for pedagogical purposes to organize them into the following seven.

Calmer heads prevailed when the city clerk persuaded the mob that they courted Roman reprisals for such unlawful actions.

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His return to Tarsus during this time of need demonstrates that he maintained close connections to the city. This man was Paul of Tarsus Gal. Rejoicing in this victory for the gospel, Paul returned to Antioch and planned a new venture with Barnabas. The Apostle Paul is an excellent example of one who carried out the Christian mission. Landing at Salamis, the trio proclaimed the gospel across the island on their way to Paphos, the capital of Cyprus and well known for a temple dedicated to Aphrodite. The apostle Paul was a well-educated, leading Jew named Saul. E in Tarsus Turkey. Martin and Schwemer , ff. Second, he felt free to use whatever material available to him, whether the Jewish scriptures, Greek poets, or the ideas of philosophical ethicists, in order to communicate effectively cf.

Driven by doxology. This would be the last epistle that Paul ever wrote.

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At first, their method of evangelism was to preach in the town synagogues.

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What happened on Paul's third missionary journey?