The lover by marguerite duras

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For the lover is the first to hear and believe that the child wants to become a writer. She had launched an upper-crust Saigon boarding school and purchased five houses which had proven to be a lucrative investment. Perhaps one before and after the trip to France in ? It has been unto death. There were no lovers, especially not Chinese lovers. Do it to me. Some kill themselves. Duras turns a sordid affair, with the smell of money in the background, into a tale of timeless eroticism. Was one ready to come of age? A section that does not appear in any other version of the book. With the shoes it must have been much the same, but after the hat. The sea, the immensity, gathering, receding, returning. If this had been written from the perspective of her lover, we as readers would have undoubtedly been more horrified. His face is badly scarred by smallpox.

With the shoes it must have been much the same, but after the hat. No answer the first time. Some are ditched.

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Whatever one makes of the affair, the book is worth reading for its perspective on life for a French family in colonial Vietnam. This entry was posted on Sunday, May 4th, at pm by Cynthia Haven and is filed under Uncategorized. Except to men. No answer, just a quick glance immediately averted, a slight shrug, unforgettable. But while it was happening, no one even knew of its existence. The photograph could only have been taken if someone could have known in advance how important it was to be in my life, that event, that crossing the river. Perhaps one before and after the trip to France in ? Yes, I was some months older than you. Did you ever think you might have known, but forgot to tell me? So many years have passed us by, leaving their ignoble scars; but we still reminisce all that went when we were almost children. Again I remember myself, walking hand in hand with a year-old man when I was just sixteen. That image of our mothers certainly stayed with both of us for life, my friend.

The door shuts. The era has long passed, but visitors to Vietnam today will still be struck by the lingering French influence across the country, from the architecture to the food to the culture.

The lover by marguerite duras

In the shade of their villas, they look at themselves for later on, they dream of romance, they already have huge wardrobes full of more dresses than they know what to do with, added together one by one like time, like the long days of waiting.

To remember is to regain and to lose, all at once.

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A barely discernible distress suddenly seized you, weariness, the light over the river dims, but only slightly. There is, therefore, an aspect of the forbidden; of painful things seeing a light they perhaps should not, things that are devastating to remember, and are somehow because of this, all the more vivid as they rise to recollection.

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To Remember is Also to Lose: Marguerite Duras’ The Lover