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Hamburger paragraph lesson plan

My guess is that those who did understand paragraph writing had an intuitive sense that a paragraph should have, or should at least have the feeling of having, a beginning, middle, and ending. In my opinion, continual talk in hamburger terms diminishes what writing is all about—communicating ideas. It was a true Wild West for paragraph writers. Should I put the burger on top of the bun? In Defense of the Hamburger Paragraph I cannot guarantee that I will never mention the hamburger or sandwich when talking about paragraphs or essays. Some writers understood what a paragraph should be—others not so much. The hamburger can serve as a nice, quick, visual introduction to paragraphs. There is a difference. Teachers continue to use the hamburger paragraph method even up at the college level. A bun is not connected to meat. A hamburger is not connected to writing, and nothing inside a hamburger is itself connected. The concept of Six Degrees of Separation illustrates how all people are connected to every other person on Earth—eventually—and in some way. Write ingredients on the board. Additionally, there are some fun, colorful activities for young kids.

Specifically, the most important idea or main idea is placed where it will be most visible—usually in the first position. Coherence: Paragraphs must be clear, understandable, and easily read—i.

An onion is nothing like mustard.

hamburger paragraph examples

What did you like or dislike about this activity? They just teach where they go. In other words, you are teaching kids that you take all kinds of things that are not connected, and then you layer them on top of one another. I doubt I ever will, but if I ever end up in a first grade or second grade class, I might.

I took over an unfilled classroom position during my off track time, so I only had about six weeks with these third grade students.

Should I put the burger on top of the bun? Read an example of a well written paragraph with lots of details and one missing details. It was a true Wild West for paragraph writers. Ex: Write a paragraph describing your favorite vacation place, one you have been to or would like to visit one day.

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Hamburger Paragraph Lesson Plan