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Figurative language is one of the literary elements that Dickinson uses to help convey hidden messages to the reader. We do not think the poem is using death as a metaphor for marriage.

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We established that Dickinson personifies Death to make him a real character, but in these two lines the capitalized words probably aren't supposed to be characters as well. But the cycles of life are relentless, and death is seen as a means of escape. Be careful interpreting the capitalized nouns. Suddenly, now that the sun has set, the author realizes that she is quite cold, and she shivers. Her poems are honest, penetrative and psychologically precise with a great deal of adventure in every single piece. Another literary element that Dickinson uses in her poem is tone, which is used to help create the general mood of the poem. Or rather, he passed us; The dews grew quivering and chill, For only gossamer my gown, My tippet only tulle There is a sudden shift in tone in the fourth stanza. Is this poem about death or about marriage? We have the best analysis of this haunting Emily Dickinson poem that you are going to find anywhere! This tends to isolate a phrase in a manner different to, say, a comma or colon and is used frequently by Emily Dickinson in most of her poems. While we do not think Dickinson is trying to retell the myth of Persephone, we do not see any reason why she could not have taken it as a starting point, a point of inspiration. Is there anything else to life but labor and leisure? This makes the poem seem active and alive, unlike many other poems, which sometimes take more of an observant position. She portrays death as being a kind gentleman, perhaps even a suitor, who is taking her out for a ride in a carriage. Science can explain all?

As the speaker passes her childhood, she brings back memories of the happy and normal part of her life. Science can explain all? The reader is given a feeling of the speaker dying as the images lessen. In that case, please let us know what you come up with!

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Time - We quantify life in years but what about the quality of life? Any poem analysis should not read anything into the title. Then she becomes aware that she is under dressed. Farr, Judith.

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So the narrator is basically referring to a bridal gown and bridal shawl. Next, Dickinson paints a picture of a house, but still reminds the reader that it is actually a grave that she is describing. Since then - 'tis Centuries - and yet Feels shorter than the Day More Analysis What begins in the simple past ends in Eternity, endless life after death where time has no consequence. The sunset is beautiful and gentle, and the passing from life to eternity is portrayed as such. In the Christian view of death, a person dies and goes on to a better place to live forever. Is there anything else to life but labor and leisure? The dominant idea here would be that marriage is a way of dying. It has become our primordial instinct to survive through all the difficulties posed by the community. The narrator could virtually be anyone, right? In response, she forgets all her labour and leisure to enjoy the ride. Dickinson describes children playing, which also gives the poem a more affable mood. We are assured that death is not only a part of life but something not to be feared.

Line 1 Because I could not stop for Death — Dickinson wastes no time warming up in this poem. Gossamer is a delicate, light material, bringing an unreal aspect to the speaker, who may well be a spirit form.

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This further reveals that the author has come to terms with her own mortality. The description of clothing is worth paying particularly close attention to. The gown is of gossamer, and the tippet is made of tulle. By "Ourselves" we can assume she means her and Death. Death is often portrayed as a dark, silent, grim reaper. Moreover, the poem basically takes us through the rites of marriage. With what time is left after that we attempt leisure. As the speaker passes her childhood, she brings back memories of the happy and normal part of her life. Three Important Contrasts At different points in the poem definite contrasts arise which allow for restructure of meaning and reflection.

Because I could not stop for Death — Analysis of the poem Stanza The speaker represents the human race when she declares that she is too busy to think about death.

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Because I could not stop for death